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Share Pacific Boychoir Academy with Family, Friends, Colleagues, Teachers — and request a $30 gift to keep PBA going.

Saturday November 18 – Sunday December 17, 2023

Help us raise $100,000, securing the school for years to come.

We can fight our way back from COVID-19. We can rebuild Pacific Boychoir Academy to full size and financial stability. 

Guarantee choristers the opportunity to explore and grow their love of music — and know what it’s like to perform at the pinnacle of musical excellence.

We can absolutely do this! We will need your help.

Small Donations Make a Big Impact!

Our campaign is as simple as it sounds: Collect $30 gifts from 30 people over 30 days. We’re asking every member of our PBA Community to become a “PBA Booster”.

These are 30 easy conversations!

  • Share the joy of watching younger choristers grow into world-class musicians.
  • Share the thrill of PBA performing with the SF Symphony this year.
  • Share our devotion to these incredible boys and their accomplishments.
  • Ask for a small donation of $30 to ensure PBA’s future.

Right now, your $900 in donations to PBA becomes $1,800!

We have a 100% matching fund for the first $25,000 from PBA Boosters who meet the 30-30-30 challenge.

Raising $900 now doubles your impact! Every $1,800 goes a long way toward Pacific Boychoir Academy continuing our mission. Now is the time to help!

We all Believe in PBA.

Whether you’re a brand new family of a younger chorister or the parents of a boy with the 10-year PBA watch — we know how much PBA means to you. We know how much you believe in the value of the program … because you tell us so! 

Together, let’s make 30-30-30 PBA’s most successful fundraiser ever!

Use RallyUp to create your customized fundraising page and track your 30 donations.

Just a few clicks on RallyUp creates your own 30-30-30 donations page. Customize your page with photos, videos, and your own message about PBA — then send out your “PBA Booster” link!

Registering as a PBA Booster on RallyUp only takes a few clicks.

  1. Register
  2. Spread the Word
  3. Win a Prize!

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Ways to Donate.

Donate by Credit Card

Contribute using our secure online platform. (You can designate a specific PBA Booster, too!)

Donate by Venmo

Use Venmo for easy mobile transactions! Contribute to @PacificBoychoirAcademy using your bank account or Venmo funds.

Donate by Check

Fill out a donation form and mail checks to:
Pacific Boychoir Academy
215 Ridgeway, Oakland CA 94611

Want to chat about giving to PBA? Schedule a call and we can help you understand your options.