Show Me the Way

Show Me the Way (2012) is the Boychoir's second spirituals recording, following up That Promised Land from 2006. This recording features baritone Jonathon Hampton and many of the songs the Pacific Boychoir has become known for on tour around the world.
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1. De Gospel Train, arr. Rollo Dilworth (Jonathon Hampton, baritone)
2. Let Me Fly, arr. Robert deCormier (Charlie Johnson, tenor)
3. Down to the River to Pray, arr. Philip Lawson (Jackson Achorn, Peter Kenton, and Henry Nelson, trio)
4. I Got a Robe, arr. Moses Hogan (Jonathon Hampton, baritone)
5. Set Down, Servant, arr. Robert Shaw (David Kerns, soprano, and Kerry Goettlich, bass)
6. I've Been in the Storm So Long, arr Jeffrey Ames (George Goodhead, soprano)
7. I Know I've Been Changed, arr. Damon Dandridge (Jonathon Hampton, baritone)
8. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, arr. Fenno Heath
9. Steal Away, arr. Moses Hogan (Fernando Tarango, tenor)
10. Little Innocent Lamb, arr. Marshall Bartholomew
11. My Lord, What a Morning, arr. HT Burleigh
12. Soon Ah Will Be Done, arr. William Dawson
13. Amen, arr. Jester Hairston (Jonathon Hampton, baritone)
14. Great Day, arr. Moses Hogan (Jonathon Hampton, baritone)
15. This Little Light O' Mine, arr. John W Work
16. Elijah Rock, arr. Moses Hogan
17. Ol' Time Religion, arr. Keith McCutchen and Everett McCorvey
18. Hush! Somebody's Callin' My Name, arr. Brazeal Dennard (Brandon Adams, tenor)

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